Henning Huffer 5 x round the world© No.1 RTW 1972
No.2 RTW 1974 - 76
No.3 RTW 1976 - 77
No.4 RTW 1978 - 80
No.5 RTW 1980 - 83
Mooney M20J
reg. N3683H
pilot owned airplane

acquiring ATP certificate in Torrance, L.A,
while being hosted by earthrounder Paul Straub and Antoinette, Rolling Hills
flight rules: IFR

from Kerrville/Barnesville to Barnesville November 19,1980 – April 14,1983


general trip information:

36 legs
total flight time:
total distance flown:
27,500 NM
distance and flight time of longest leg:
2150 NM, 17:35 hours

permit ferry fuel installation

pre-GPS navigation
dual VHF
dual VOR/ILS
single ADF
pilot’s qualification:
Airline Transport Pilot,
multiengine land
1536 hours total logged before RTW